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Avvy Domains Partners with Avalanche

November 2nd, 2021

We are excited to announce that Avvy Domains is partnering with Avalanche to bring the Avalanche Name Space to life. Avalanche users will soon be able to register & manage their .avax name, simplifying & enriching the Avalanche user experience.

With Avvy, users and businesses will be able to replace computer-generated identifiers, such as wallet addresses, with human readable and memorable names like johndoe.avax


A Unique Naming System, Built for Subnets and Beyond

The future of Avalanche is subnets: individual blockchains, separate but interoperable. In Avalanche, digital entities exist across multiple blockchains presenting distinct requirements for a naming system.

Our goal is to provide a robust and flexible platform for referencing entities across subnets and beyond the Avalanche ecosystem. We aim to work closely with developers to ensure that Avvy Domains is widely integrated. We hope that users and developers alike will profit from human-readable identifiers and identity provision via reverse lookups.


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