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December 1st 2023 Development Update

December 2nd, 2023

Marketplace Aggregator Upgrades

We have made some small aesthetic upgrades to the marketplace aggregator, to make it a bit more fun!

We have also updated the deployment method from IPFS to Netlify. The site is still available at subcollection.avax.sh but it should load better for everyone. 

This is still going to require some more updates moving forward.


Indexer Bug Fixing

There was an issue where some domains were not updating properly in the indexer. After pulling a full list of indexed domains and comparing them to expiry dates listed on-chain, we realised that the indexer had not been updated to monitor registrations made at auction. 

We resolved this issue: the indexer now monitors auction registrations, and the data discrepancies have been resolved.


Webapp Improvements

We deployed some minor bug fixes to the webapp:

  • The Send Feature had an issue when users tried to send without connecting their wallet first
  • With  this week's SnowTrace migration, the SnowTrace Data Explorer link for token IDs had broken - we patched that issue.


Growth Planning

This week was filled with lots of meetings & planning. Our intention in 2024 is to focus on BD & Marketing activities. To keep things on track, we will have quarterly targets relating to growing the project.

Our specific targets for growth are:

  1. Growing the Affiliate Program
  2. Improving activity in the secondary market
  3. Increasing the number of integrations


Next Steps

We have the following goals for next week:

🎯  Contract Deployments. We have some pending contract deployments to get pushed out, the intention is to proceed with that.

🎯  Marketplace Aggregator Upgrades. We will test out the latest version of the aggregator and see if we need to make any further improvements. Specifically, we probably need the ability to add affiliate codes still. We might also need to improve the URLs for sharing (right now they look messy & spammy).

🎯  Marketing Preparation. Our growth plan officially starts in 2024, but we have some preparation to do before. Most of this preparation is related to collecting metrics on our marketing efforts, so we can assess the impacts of efforts.

And we have the following ongoing targets:

🎯  Dapp listing site submissions. These are going to roll into our upcoming marketing activities..

🎯  UI & Landing Page Work. Working on a redesign for the web application.