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December 8, 2023 Development Update

December 8th, 2023

Marketplace Aggregator Upgrades

The big update for the marketplace aggregator this week was to set it up so users can create and save their own collections. This did not go exactly as planned. We explored multiple different storage mechanisms such as Ceramic, IPFS, and even some blob storage solutions. Not wanting to run additional infrastructure, we settled for a boring and suboptimal solution: hosting JSON files on Github.

Regardless, we are now in a position where we can start creating custom collections & testing the application with users. Developing further without validating the efforts might be a waste of time.

To create a .avax subcollection, users can visit https://subcollection.avax.sh/create and set up their subcollection.

After creating the SubCollection, users will have access to a Save and Share button, which they can use to share it.

Users can then set the slug (which is part of the URL where the page will be visible) and optionally add an affiliate code.

After clicking save, the user will download a JSON file. This can then be added to a public Github repo where we will manage the collections. While this isn't a great storage solution, it will work for now while we validate the idea.


Avvy Sales Discord

There is a new Discord for users who are interested in trading domains. The Avvy Domains project exists to provide a technical service to the users of the Avalanche ecosystem, but we understand that many participants in the project seek to trade domains.

A new unofficial Discord for domain trading purposes - if you are interested, please join at https://discord.gg/8MJ2vqvQEy



Registration Warnings for 3L and 4L Domains

We have added some basic tags for domain registrations on the register page, notifying users that their 3L and 4L domains are Premium 3-Letter or Premium 4-Letter and providing links to more information. This should hopefully help users understand that 5-Letter+ domains are less expensive.


Registration Warnings for NFT Metadata

We have added disclaimers in the NFT Metadata, providing links to important information like renewals & expiries. Our goal is to ensure that all users properly understand how .avax domains operate before making a purchase of such domains on a secondary marketplace.


Contract Maintenance 

We are in progress deploying the latest versions of our auction contract, which supports affiliate codes. Hoping to get this finalised this evening.


Affiliate Program Growth

We are happy to have seen a lot of interest in the affiliate program. We have onboarded a number of new content creation and application partners.


Next Steps

🎯 Marketing Preparation Work. Part of our marketing plan includes quarterly reporting & targets. We need to do some prep work for processes for collecting metrics related to reporting / goals.

🎯 Twitter Bot. We are hoping to get our Twitter bot back online

🎯 Affiliate Tracking. With the help of our alpha test affiliates, we discovered that the affiliate program will require some sort of tracking dashboard so that affiliates can check whether they are receiving commissions.