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June 2022 Development Update

June 30th, 2022

June has been an extremely busy month for us! We want to start by thanking everyone who participated in the launch. We're looking forward to continuing to build a great product that benefits the whole ecosystem.



Following the product launch, our focus now shifts to integrating Avvy in the Avalanche ecosystem. 

If you have any integrations you would like to see, please add them to our Integration Request Board. Please also take the time to vote for requests that others have posted on the board!

We have created a list of active integrations on our website. This list will be kept up to date and is a good resource to consult if you are wondering how you can use your .avax domains.



This is a versatile service meant to let you use your .avax domain like a DNS domain. There are a few features that are available to use (instructions for setting up all of these features available at avax.sh)

  • Simple Profile Pages: You can set up a simple link-in-bio style profile page, like cedernet.avax.sh
  • DNS Records: You can use DNS CNAME & A records to configure your own website, like price.avax.sh
  • IPFS Content: Users can host a website on IPFS and visit it using name.avax.sh


Chrome Extension

Our goal is to have Avvy well integrated in all of the wallets, block explorers, and other dapps that you regularly use. In the meantime, the Chrome Extension is a great way to make use of your domains wherever you are.


The extension allows you to quickly look up data from a .avax domain. There is a convenient keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + Q) which can be used to pop open the extension and focus the search bar. From there, you can type the .avax address, and easily copy the data you are looking for (such as a wallet address, validator Node ID, etc.).

Download the Chrome Extension


Lume Web Firefox Extension

Lume Web offers a way to explore the decentralized web on Firefox. They have integrated .avax domains into their extension, allowing users to visit .avax websites directly from Firefox.

The extension supports DNS CNAME records, DNS A records, and Content records (hosted on IPFS or Skynet).

Read more about the Lume Web extension


NFT Marketplaces

The Avvy Domains collection has been verified on Kalao and Joepegs NFT marketplaces. Users can use those marketplaces to exchange their domains. 


ERC721 Metadata Images

We have added new metadata images for domains registered with Standard Privacy. These images will autogenerate and display in NFT exchanges & wallets!

(Shoutout to @jamesdotavax for helping out with this one!)


NodeJS Client

For anyone wishing to experiment with integrations, a Javascript client is available. Documentation needs to be improved - if you have questions please reach out to use directly on our social channels (check avvy.avax.sh 😊).


Webapp Updates

We have added support for Coinbase Wallet as well as Gnosis Safe. 

Users of Gnosis Safe can now interact with their domains from the Gnosis Safe webapp as follows:

  1. From the dashboard, click Apps
  2. Click Add custom app
  3. Enter https://app.avvy.domains into the App URL and click Add

We have also added support for transferring domains. To transfer your domain to another wallet:

  1. Visit https://app.avvy.domains/domains/yourname.avax
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click the Transfer button & follow the instructions



Our friendly Twitter bot tweets out any time there is a new domain registered on Avvy Domains. Follow @avvybot to keep an eye on registrations!


Next Steps

We are continuing to work on integrations & developer tooling. Please take a moment to give feedback on our Integration Request Board - it helps us focus our development efforts.