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Legacy Application Transfer

January 7th, 2022

Avvy Domains soft-launched in April 2021 with an app we now refer to as the Legacy Application. Domains purchased from the Legacy Application will be transferable to the new application in most cases. 


When can I transfer my domain?

There are three steps for the launch process:

  1. Name Reservation Requests
  2. Legacy Name Transfer
  3. Sunrise Auction

Domains purchased from the Legacy Application will be transferable in step (2). We do not currently have exact dates for the steps, however they will be well publicized on social media and via our mailing list.


Will I have to pay registration fees?

The new system requires yearly registration fees for domains. Users of the Legacy Application will be required to pay registration fees to maintain their registration. 

Users of the Legacy Application will receive a credit for registration fees, calculated based on the amount they originally paid for the domains and the all-time high price of AVAX.


In which cases will it not be possible to transfer a domain?

There are two scenarios which will prevent transferring domains:

  1. The new system has new constraints for names. For example: ICANN's Spec 5 Reserved Names will be blocked; IDNs (domains starting with “xn--”) are not initially supported; our character set does not support dashes (-) in the first or last position of a name (this list is not exhaustive). For names which violate new system constraints, it won't be possible to migrate to the new system.
  2. We will accept Name Reservation Requests from known businesses and influencers in the Avalanche ecosystem. If there is a conflict with the reservation requests and a name transfer, we will assume that this was a bad-faith squatting attempt & grant the name to the Reservation Request.


What happens if I cannot transfer my domain?

Users who cannot transfer their domain from the Legacy Application to the new application will be able to claim a refund for their purchase.

For IDNs (domains starting with “xn--”), we intend to support these domains in the future. If a user has registered an IDN on the Legacy Application and wishes to maintain the registration, we will support transfer when IDNsa are launched.


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