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Name Reservation Requests

January 14th, 2022

Bad-faith registrations are a large problem for namespaces. When a namespace launches, users may seek to register names of well-known entities such as corporations or personalities. In these cases, the registrant will seek to either sell the domain to entity at an inflated price or to impersonate the entity.

One mechanism that Avvy has built in to combat bad-faith registrations is Name Reservation Requests.


What are Name Reservation Requests?

When the .avax namespace opens publicly, names will be released at auction. 

During the auction, it is highly likely that bad-faith users will place bids on names that they anticipate businesses will want. This leaves the businesses having to pay high prices for names which they have a reasonable claim to.

Name Reservation Requests are an opportunity for businesses (and other entities at risk of being squatted) to obtain names which they have a reasonable claim to.


How can I make a Name Reservation Request?

Users wishing to submit a request should contact Avvy Domains to obtain a link to a Reservation Request form. 

We will be making efforts to reach out to businesses in the community. The process of obtaining a link is intentionally made difficult to deter spam. The auction is the most fair method of distribution for most names, and reservation requests are simply a method for protecting businesses and known entities in the ecosystem.


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