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Avvy x Notifi

March 15th, 2024

Domain Expiration Notifications to Email, Discord, and Telegram

When a .avax domain expires, anyone can register it! We have partnered with Notifi Network to ensure that users get alerts via email, Discord, and Telegram reminding them if their .avax domains will soon expire.


What is Notifi?

Notifi is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers in the web3 space by providing unparalleled notification experiences. Positioned as a leading platform for customer engagement innovation, Notifi offers extensive blockchain and channel coverage. The platform supports an impressive array of 16 blockchains including popular ones like Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche, among others, and enables seamless on-chain and off-chain communications across multiple channels. This comprehensive coverage ensures that businesses can reach their customers effectively, no matter the blockchain or communication channel they prefer.


Moreover, Notifi offers customizable, white-label solutions for dApps, allowing businesses to tailor their communication and growth strategies. Prioritizing security and GDPR compliance, without collecting unnecessary user data, Notifi is also moving towards SOC 2 compliance. With enterprise-grade support, including dedicated engineering and 24/7 assistance, Notifi ensures seamless dApp integration, making it a solid choice for enhancing customer engagement in web3.

You can find Notifi at https://notifi.network/.

Sign up for expiring domain notifications with Notifi

Through this integration, Avvy users will benefit from direct notifications to their wallet addresses regarding important updates, such as domain expirations, without the need for Avvy to manage personally identifying information. This innovative approach not only streamlines the notification process but also upholds the highest standards of privacy and security, minimizing the risks associated with handling sensitive data.


The synergy between Avvy and Notifi introduces a proactive monitoring system for .avax domains nearing expiration. Avvy utilizes Notifi's services to automatically alert users about their domain status, provided they have opted into receiving notifications. This ensures that domain owners are always informed in a timely manner, allowing them to renew their domains without any hassle. The integration of Notifi's notification capabilities into Avvy's service offering enriches the user experience, providing a seamless and secure way to manage digital assets on the Avalanche blockchain. By combining Avvy's domain management with Notifi's sophisticated notification system, we're pioneering a new era of user engagement and data protection in the web3 ecosystem, making digital asset management easier, more efficient, and secure for everyone involved.

You can find Notifi’s services already integrated at https://app.avvy.domains/