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November 11, 2023 Development Update

November 10th, 2023

Data Explorer Upgrades

We are making it easier to explore domains in the Avvy Domains system. As part of this effort, we are linking out to external services so you can browse data that we might not have access to.

For example, imagine you want to explore NFTs in a c-chain wallet. You recall the .avax domain, and you look it up on the Avvy Domains webapp, and you find the .avax address. Now, when you click it, you are presented with a number of options to further explore on external services:

Using these links, you can easily open the wallet on a number of popular applications on Avalanche.

Similarly, you can open Validator Node IDs on various Avalanche network explorers:

We will be continuing to add services to the data explorer, making it easier for users to browse domains, and ultimately to browse the Avalanche network.

If you have any services that you want to be able to explore, feel free to let us know on Discord or Telegram.


Hash Lookups

We have set up hash lookups on the application, allowing users to explore domains regardless of whether they use Enhanced Privacy features.

Listing Subdomains

To complement our subdomain deployment last week, we have added subdomain discovery features. Now, when a user opens a domain, the application will check the chain to see if any subdomains are set for that domain. 


Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+K and to help users easily open the search bar. This simplifies the process of exploring domains.


What's Next?

Here are some goals we are working towards:

  • Exploring wallets: We will be adding features to browse domains registered by a given wallet address.
  • Design improvements: We are going to be starting work on some design improvements for the app (utilizing the style on https://avvy.domains). This includes updates for the landing page, as well as putting some indication of keyboard shortcuts that are available.
  • Dapp listing site submissions: We will be seeking out dapp listing sites & promoting Avvy Domains on those sites.
  • Data explorer: We will be continuing to add more services to the data explorer.
  • Affiliate program: We will be continuing to build the affiliate program.