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November 3, 2023 Development Update

November 3rd, 2023

Let's kick off the development blogs again! Content is good right? So with that in mind, we'll try to start doing some regular updates to cover how we are trying to move the project forward.


Referral Program

We started the week by setting up some referral codes for alpha testing. We distributed them to some trusted contacts & did some internal testing. This worked well and we are hoping to move forward with further testing soon.

If you are interested in participating join our referral program!


Registrations without proofs

We have updated domain registrations to enable registrations without proofs, if the user is registering with Standard Privacy. Enhanced Privacy registrations will still require proof generation.

This makes it easier for users to register, especially on low-powered devices like some mobile phones. It also increases the number of domains that can be registered in a single batch.


Subdomain Management

We have deployed the first version of our subdomain management tool, helping users to configure subdomains. This set of features grants users the ability to use a single domain for keeping track of as many wallets as they need.

To configure a subdomain, visit the domain in the app and head to the bottom of the page.


What's Next?

Moving forward, we intend to implement a number of Avvy app improvements:

  • List Subdomains: The initial subdomain management tool does not list subdomains for a given domain. We'll be adding some more improvements so that you can find the subdomains that exist on a given domain.
  • Hash lookups: We will be adding some features to view data set on domains even if that domain has not been revealed.
  • Data explorer: Our data explorer tooling helps users find more info on the domains that they are looking at. For example, when a user looks up a .avax address, they might be wanting to look at the NFTs in the wallet related to that address. Our data explorer will present them with partner applications that they can view the address on (e.g. they can view NFTs on Joepegs, or they can open the address on Avascan to check transaction history, etc.). We hope to improve upon these features.
  • Landing page improvements: We are hoping to add some new & useful features to the first page that users see when they arrive on the Avvy Domains app.

Additionally, we are going to be moving forward with testing out our referral program. This week, the goal will be to get some decent traffic on the referral URLs.