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September 2022 Development Update

September 30th, 2022

Web Application Improvements

We have made a number of UX improvements to the Avvy web applications with a remake of the My Domains section.

New list view for domains

Users can now perform a text-based search to filter their list of domains and can see domain expiry dates from the list view. 

Less loading time

Users with many domains will be familiar with the domain loading screen. Previously, users would be forced to re-load their domains every time they returned to the My Domains section. The latest version of the web application will not reload the domains unless the user manually refreshes the list. The net result is that the user will spend much less time loading domains while using the application.

Bulk reveal hidden domains

When revealing hidden domains, users can now copy-paste names from a text list or a spreadsheet, speeding up the process of revealing.


Technical Documentation

Our Technical Documentation is live at docs.avvy.domains. This documentation is meant to be a starting point for anyone looking to integrate Avvy Domains into their application, or extend the .avax system to suit their needs.


Avascan Support

Avascan.info has added support for looking up .avax domains in their block explorer. This enables users to find wallets via their associated .avax handles. 


Integration Examples

Our integration examples repository on Github aims to simplify integration by providing ready-to-use examples on how to integrate Avvy Domains. We currently have provided two examples:

  • react-components showcases how React web applications can use .avax domains to look up information or to provide identity in their application.
  • nft-resolver is a full working example showcasing how an NFT project can offer their users subdomains as a perk. These subdomains hook into the Avvy Domains system and work wherever .avax is supported.


Improvements to avax.sh profile pages

The profile pages at avax.sh (for example coconaut.avax.sh) received some design improvements as well as optional dark mode.


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