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An NFT based play-to-earn RPG set in an ever expanding fantasy metaverse.

What is Aurum Draconis?

The Legend of Aurum Draconis is a play-to-earn RPG built by the team at Dragon Crypto Gaming 🔗. Fight, craft and trade your way to revealing the secrets of Aurum Draconis, the mythical golden dragon. 


Aurum Draconis features thousands of pieces of equipment as well as a rich crafting system. Equip your character & destroy the monsters you encounter.

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Use your .avax for in-game Identity

Aurum Draconis features an in-depth .avax integration, giving users a social identity in the game.

The .avax domain names offer users an easy way to recognize one-another in the marketplace, leaderboard, and chat rooms of Aurum Draconis.

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