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Free on-chain data analytics for popular NFT marketplaces on Avalanche

What is Avalytics?

Avalytics aggregates data from on-chain NFT marketplaces in the Avalanche ecosystem & provides users with a free NFT analytics platform. 

View data in many great formats:

  • Real-time cross-market sales, transfer, mint and burn activity
  • Track purchases & sales from popular Avalanche NFT influencers
  • Get an overview of the overall Avalanche NFT ecosystem
  • View cross-marketplace stats for individual NFT collections

Avalytics is an excellent platform for understanding the overall state of the Avalanche NFT space.

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Using .avax domains as identity

Avalytics uses .avax domains to identify wallets trading on the platform.


With .avax domains it is easier to identify known wallets in lists of addresses. This can help users to understand patterns of activity or to pick out friends who are transacting.

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