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Meet Core. Avalanche’s native ecosystem wallet, built by Ava Labs.

What is Core?

Core is your home for exploring the world of Avalanche and beyond. Built by Ava Labs, Core is a product suite available across multiple devices and serves as Avalanche's ecosystem native wallet and portfolio.

  • Use the portfolio manager at core.app to view your tokens and collectibles across multiple networks including Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum and all EVM chains
  • Stake your AVAX, or launch a validator to validate the network
  • Explore Core Discover and submit your project to be added to Avalanche's official list
  • Bridge Bitcoin and Ethereum to Avalanche to take advantage of low fees and fast transactions in DeFi
  • Download Core on mobile, desktop or use as a web app on your browser
  • Create a Core wallet with just your Google or Apple ID, all powered by self-custody

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Send Transfers to .avax domains

Use Core's transfer tool to easily send AVAX, other tokens, or NFTs to a .avax domain.


Easily find the destination wallet by typing in a .avax name.

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Search for addresses by .avax

Looking for a portfolio? Find it easily by typing the .avax domain into the search bar on the Core App!


Using a memorable .avax name makes finding wallets easier.

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Know which wallet you are looking at

Core App uses Avvy Domains to give memorable, distinguishable names to the wallets you are looking at. If you are browsing a portfolio, Core displays the related .avax domain so you aren't stuck wondering what wallet you are looking at.

Labelling wallets with memorable .avax names makes it easier for users to comprehend what they are viewing in the app.

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