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Lore is a suite of tools for blockchains including explorers, analytics, notifications, and more.

What is Lore?

Lore was designed from scratch to make blockchains easy to understand. Search in natural language, comprehend in simple English, and listen to the most important events with a click.

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Skilift - Lore for AVAX 🔺

The Lore team have deployed a version of Lorescan that focuses exclusively on the Avalanche C-Chain. 

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Use your .avax domain with Lorescan

You can use your .avax domains on Lore's multichain explorer as well as on their Avalanche-focused version, SkiLift.io.

Easily Find your wallet

Lorescan supports searching for a .avax domain in their search bars, allowing users to easily find a wallet without having to copy-paste an immemorable wallet 0x address.

Readable Transaction History

Reading a list of past transactions is difficult. It is often unclear who sent and received each transaction. As a user, it can take a lot of time to understand what was done on-chain.

Lore Explorer uses .avax domains to simplify this processes, helping users easily recognize which wallet they had interacted with previously.

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