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Send and receive messages directly between wallets.

What is Mailchain?

Mailchain is a communication layer for Web3 that enables crypto-native communication. It consists of an open-source protocol for sending encrypted messages between blockchain wallet addresses and a user-friendly inbox application. 

With Mailchain, users can communicate using their Web3 identities, ensuring end-to-end encryption and verified sender origin.

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Send messages to .avax domains

Using Mailchain, you can send mail to properly configured .avax domains, enabling & simplifying communication with your web3 contacts. 

Mailchain messages are delivered to a mailbox accessible with your wallet's private key. 

Configure your .avax domain with Mailchain by:

  1. Setting up your .avax domain to forward & reverse resolve to an 0x address you control.
  2. Connecting that 0x address to your Mailchain account.

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Renewal notifications for expiring domains

Your .avax domains are registered on a yearly basis and can expire. Shortly after expiration, anyone can register a domain and transfer it from your wallet.

We are now sending out renewal reminders on Mailchain to the current registrant of a domain as it approaches expiration. Set up an account on Mailchain and connect your wallet to receive renewal reminders!

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