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DEX Aggregator and Analytics Provider

What is Markr?

Markr.io provides multiple services to DeFi users. Want to make a swap? Markr's DEX aggregator checks swap rates on multiple DEXs and uses the best rate for your desired token swap. They additionally provide unique features, like allowing you to perform swaps from a contract-based wallet while paying fees with non-native ERC20 tokens. 

Their token analytics monitors token pricing across DEXs, giving you insight into DeFi rates across DEXs in the Avalanche ecosystem.

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Your .avax domain as identity

Markr.io uses a .avax integration on to make it easier for users to recognize the wallet they have connected. Instead of displaying an 0x address, users see their familiar .avax domain.

Using a .avax domain makes it easier for users to understand which wallet they have connected to an application, reducing the chance of error & improving the overall user experience.

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