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Community-driven NFT storytelling

What is Mechavax?

Mechavax is collective storytelling NFT that is using multiple systems to incentive and reward participants in the ecosystem. Players immerse themselves in deep lore, seeking to acquire Mechavax and Armament NFTs in order increase their combat readiness and dominate in PVP/PVE. The core gameplay loops are all self contained within the ecosystem and center around a native token, Shirak (SHK), which is naturally generated by Mechavax NFTs. This token if the lifeblood of gameplay and allows plays to mint more Mechs for free or create modifications that alter the base stat line during battle.


.avax Domains as Identity

The Mechavax project uses .avax domains to give users identity in their Discord bot, which sends notifications every time new mech parts are minted. Instead of mentioning the user's 0x address, a familiar .avax name is mentioned.


Mechavax also shows .avax domains in their leaderboard, where all mech pilot addresses are listed according to the number of mechs they have.



Ready to enlist as a Mechavax Pilot?

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