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Transparent, trustless, and secure allowlisting process for NFT projects and other smart contracts

What is Randora?

Randora helps projects randomly & trustlessly distribute allowlist spots. For example, if an NFT project has only 20 mints available but 100 community members, Randora can help select which members will be able to mint. Community members can elect to be part of the distribution, and Randora will select 20 winners for the allowlist from all of the entrants. The selection is done trustlessly & verifiably on-chain, while ensuring the choices made are reasonably random.

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.avax domains as identity

Randora uses .avax domains to help the user easily understand which wallet they have connected to the application. Wallet addresses are difficult to remember and differentiate between. 

By choosing to label wallets with .avax domains, users are able to quickly comprehend which wallet they are interacting with.

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Discovering web services using Avvy Domains

Randora uses their own randora.avax to help users find their web application. With the help of the avax.sh gateway and the Avalanche blockchain, users are able to visit Randora's website.

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