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The Avalanche Name Service
Take back control of your wallet by revoking your token allowances.

What is

When using dapps like Pangolin or Joepegs you have to grant them permission to spend your tokens and NFTs. This is called an allowance. If you don't revoke these allowances, the dapp can spend your tokens forever. helps you see which contracts and addresses been authorized to spend your tokens and NFTs, and also to revoke those permissions. Regularly visiting and reviewing allowances can help you reduce chances of your tokens and NFTs getting drained from your wallet.

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Find your wallet by searching for your .avax domain.

Looking for your wallet on Find it easily by typing in your .avax domain.

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.avax Domains as Identity

When you connect your wallet .avax domains help you easily understand which wallet you have connected. Similarly, when you search for a wallet on, the .avax domain will display, helping you quickly comprehend which wallet you are viewing.

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