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Prevent accidental loss of tokens during transfers using a three-step process

What is Safe Transfer?

Safe Transfer is an application that aims to prevent accidental loss of tokens during transfers. According to the creators of the app, over $500 million worth of tokens have been lost forever due to transfers made to the wrong address, directly to a smart contract, an undeployed multisig, or the wrong chain. To avoid these mistakes, the app uses a three-step process that involves approving the transfer, sending a link with the transfer details to the recipient, and allowing the recipient to confirm the transfer with the option to cancel if necessary.

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Sending transfers to .avax domains

Safe Transfer can also leverage the use of .avax domains to enhance the user experience and streamline the token transfer process. Instead of relying on lengthy and complex wallet addresses, users can simply provide their .avax domain name, which is more intuitive and user-friendly. This integration allows for a smoother and more efficient transfer process within the Safe Transfer application, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring a seamless experience for users across Avalanche-based networks.

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