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Visualize the Avalanche Network with this unique explorer

What is SnowPeer?

Snowpeer is a robust, interactive tool designed to help users understand Avalanche's topology, gain network insights, and conduct in-depth analyses

Snowpeer takes network visualization to a new level, representing the entire network in an interactive, user-friendly way. Users can explore and engage with the visual data, gaining a deeper understanding and insights into the network.

Snowpeer visualizes subnets, validators by modes, delegators, and the general network status in both mainnet and testnet. Advanced filtering and search capabilities are available on all pages, with near-real-time data updates.


Whether you're a developer, validator, or simply interested in Avalanche, our explorer provides a comprehensive view of the network to assist your navigation

In addition to these functionalities, Snowpeer presents an ideal avenue for organic marketing within the Avalanche platform. By enhancing understanding and facilitating user engagement, it naturally exposes the platform to a wider audience and stimulates interest.

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Using .avax names to find validators

SnowPeer uses .avax domains to help users easily find validators. Instead of trying to remember a validator by their NodeID, use a memorable .avax domain to find it!


This tool can be used to display full details on the validator, from technical information like ISP & uptime to Avalanche specific details like delegations & reward addresses.

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