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Building DeFi for the people.

What is VaporFi?

VaporFi is redefining what it means to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Avalanche network. With a mission to harness the collective power of its community, VaporFi aims to disrupt the traditional finance industry and bring financial freedom to a global audience. The project has rapidly grown, boasting over 26,000 members and 42,000 followers who contribute to and benefit from its expansive network. VaporFi’s unique approach includes flipping the script on accessibility, allowing participants of all financial levels to engage with their ecosystem, which has already seen the creation of over 63,000 nodes operated by more than 21,100 unique wallets.

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Integrating Avvy Domains with VaporFi

For Avvy domain holders, the integration with VaporFi opens up exciting new possibilities. By using your .avax domain to connect your wallet to the VaporNode dApp, you gain a streamlined and secure method of accessing VaporFi’s suite of services. This integration not only enhances the ease of use but also bolsters security, ensuring that your digital identity and transactions are protected within the Avalanche ecosystem. The ability to connect via a personalized .avax domain means that users can engage with the VaporFi platform more directly and with an added layer of ownership and recognition in the digital space. This partnership between Avvy and VaporFi exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions that improve user experience and expand the utility of blockchain technology.


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