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De-anonymise the blockchain & secure your assets.

What is Watchers AI?

Watchers AI is a vibrant community offering free access to an advanced suite of analytical tools for insightful blockchain data analysis. Originally developed by the Snail Trail team for internal use, Watchers AI is now available to the public, providing a comprehensive platform for monitoring blockchain activities. This tool is designed to empower users with valuable blockchain data, enabling them to become more effective traders, on-chain detectives, and observers of major cryptocurrency transactions.

Embracing the mantra that knowledge is power, Watchers aims to enhance users' market insight. Additionally, an exclusive Private Beta Program is currently available for leading contributors in the blockchain space, offering early access to further refine and improve this indispensable on-chain tool. Participation is invite-only, targeting active and influential community members.

You can find Watchers AI at watchers.ai 🔗



How can I use my .avax with Watchers AI?

Using your .avax domain on the Watchers AI platform enhances its utility, as the platform displays cumbersome wallet addresses with simple, memorable names, such as "johndoe.avax".

This integration facilitates easier monitoring of transactions and on-chain activities, offering a more intuitive and efficient way for users to engage with blockchain data. It streamlines tracking and analysis, making the platform more accessible and user-friendly for a wide range of blockchain enthusiasts. In short, the platform becomes more intuitive to use for the human brain.

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