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May 13, 2022 Development Update

May 13th, 2022

This update covers progress made since the March 25, 2022 Development Update. Moving forward, we will attempt to provide monthly development updates.


Security Audit

The auditors at Paladin have helped us review Avvy's core smart contracts. The audit uncovered some important conceptual issues with our Vickrey Auction implementation. All of the issues raised have been resolved.

This audit has covered contracts relating to the domain lifecycle, including registrations and the initial auction. Features relating to name resolution have not yet been audited. Resolution features will be released in beta until we can have them reviewed.


New Auction Procedure

The security auditors discovered conceptual issues with the Vickrey auction. Unfortunately, the fixes for these issues were quite complex. To move the project forward, we opted to change the auction mechanism to a simpler Dutch auction, which is implemented using a concept we call Registration Premiums. The new auction code has already been implemented & audited.

Read more about the launch auction & Registration Premiums.


Documentation Portal

We have added a new Documentation Portal for organizing docs. Much of the important information about the application has been buried in blog posts, making it difficult for new users to quickly find answers to important questions. We have re-organized the important information in an easy-to-navigate documentation portal, which we will keep updated as the project progresses.

Browse the documentation.


Avvy Clients

We have started work on software libraries to simplify integrating with Avvy. 

Javascript Client

A first version of the Javascript library has been implemented and is in use in the AVAX Shell project described below. The Javascript library supports ethersjs providers. In future iterations, we will add support for web3.js providers.

Future Clients

We will be implementing client libraries in other programming languages. Golang is high priority due to the language being used in Subnet development. Python is also on the list. 

If you have requests for client libraries in specific languages, please let us know. Your preferences will determine where our development efforts are allocated.


AVAX Shell - A link to DNS.

We have prototyped the first version of a service we call the AVAX Shell. This project will allow the registrant of johndoe.avax to control DNS records for their domain at johndoe.avax.sh. This service will enable web2 support for Avvy Domains.

As an example, this service can be used to point to a website (like we did with https://avvy.avax.sh).


Next Steps

Launch - we know you're waiting. We'll have dates soon™.

Resolver Architecture - we will continue working on Forward & Reverse Resolution. 

Client Development - we will continue working on software libraries for important languages, to support integration of Avvy into existing software.


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