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November 24, 2023 Development Update

November 24th, 2023

SubCollection Explorer Prototype

Part of our recent goals have been to help the community explore subcollections of domains. We started this effort with our Marketplace Aggregation API and this week have made some efforts to make the API available to general users with an easy interface.

The result is a usable prototype, which can be found on IPFS by visiting subcollection.avax.sh.

The app allows users to enter a subcollection of .avax names, as well as a title.

Once the subcollection has been created, users can browse the list of domains as though they were an NFT collection a marketplace. Listings and sale data are aggregated and displayed to the user. If the user wants to register the domain, they know where to go (one of the marketplace links, or to Avvy Domains to register expired or available domains, or to the Avvy Domains expired domains auction for domains at auction).

While testing this application, we have discovered that many of the listings on marketplaces are for expired domains, further showing the need for a marketplace aggregator that can show correct data to users.

We will continue building out this feature & working with traders to determine which features will be useful moving forward.


Dedicated Send Feature

We have implemented a dedicated send page which is shareable (https://app.avvy.domains/send and a customizable https://app.avvy.domains/send/domain.avax if you want to prefill the domain). This should make it easier for users to share links for sending and receiving tokens.


Dedicated Data Explorer Feature

In a similar fashion to the Send feature, we have implemented a dedicated Data Explorer page for easily looking up a domain on another app.

The goal is to provide an easy, memorable page that users can quickly visit to open a piece of data on another app. For example, you might want to look up an address on Arkham but don't remember the address. Arkham doesn't yet support .avax lookups, but you can easily visit https://app.avvy.domains/explore, enter the domain name you want to discover, and then launch it in Arkham. This feature allows us to support many apps while we continue to work to get them to support .avax domains.


Contract Modifications

We have made some planned improvements to the Leasing and Auction contracts to support our affiliate program. These modifications are not yet deployed, but we plan to move forward with deployment shortly.


Next Steps

We intend to work on the following tasks moving forward:

🎯 Contract Deployments. Deployment of the upgraded contracts to support our affiliate program.

🎯 UI & Landing Page Work. We intend to link up some of the new features (send, explore, etc) onto the landing page and also to work on a new design for the application. 

🎯 Disclaimers for 3- and 4-Letter Domains. It has come to our attention that some people check only 3 & 4 letter domains when they visit the Avvy Domains application and are completely unaware that 5+ letter domains are $5 per year. As a result, they think the application is over-priced. We will need to 

🎯 Marketplace Aggregator Upgrades. We think that the marketplace aggregator will be a useful growth tool & so we will be working to polish it. This will include style upgrades for the aggregator as well as allowing users to create subcollections with their wallets (perhaps leveraging https://ceramic.network/ or a similar data storage network), as well as attach their referral codes to their wallets.

🎯 Indexer & Aggregator Improvements. A user has pointed out an issue with the indexer causing some synchronization issues with a few domains (only for indexer data). We'll be working to figure out and resolve that issue.

🎯 Send Improvements. Our new Send feature need a connect wallet button when the user has not yet connected!

🎯 Growth Planning. We will be shifting our focus from tech development to growth. During the next week we will be spending some time planning out what strategies we will test and how we will measure success for growth. We don't want to plan too long, so we are hoping to start running the first campaigns the following week.

🎯 Dapp Listing Submissions. Still hoping to move forward with listing submissions.