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Q4 2022 Development Update

January 6th, 2023

New Integrations

During the last quarter we have focused on growing the number of use-cases for domain holders. During the quarter, we have seen a number of new integrations go live & have roughly 20 more pending release. We have also seen projects using .avax domains to launch decentralized websites.

The following is a summary of integrations that have gone live in the last quarter:

  • Monkeez displays .avax domains in their app & on their discord server. Read more.️
  • SnailTrail uses .avax domains for user profiles. Read more.
  • EvoVerses uses .avax domains for identity in their marketplace and user profiles. Read more. 
  • Avascan labels wallets with .avax domains & allows users to search for .avax domains in the search bar. Read more.
  • Names Estate supports .avax domains in their web3 naming services toolkit. Read more.
  • Kaira Network allows users to choose a .avax domain as their primary identity on the Kaira social network. Read more.
  • The WenLaunch team has added commands to their Discord bot allowing users to forward & reverse resolve .avax domains directly from Discord. Read more.
  • Wolfi has launched an NFT gallery using IPFS & .avax domains. Read more.
  • Avax Slots has linked their website using a .avax domain. View site.
  • CreepCash has launched their website using a .avax domain. View site.
  • MuafNFT has launched an NFT gallery using IPFS and .avax domains. Read more.

We are excited to continue working with our partners on further integrations & functionality! 👷🛠️

If you have a project which uses .avax domains or are otherwise interested in working together, please get in touch!


SDK Implementations

We maintain SDKs in various languages to handle the complexities of the Avvy Domains system. This makes integrating .avax domains into applications quick & easy.

During Q4 2022, we released full Avvy client implementations for Python and Golang. We also simplified the existing Javascript client, removing installation complexities & adding support for React Native.


ERC721 Metadata Attributes

As requested by the community, we have added metadata attributes which show up in NFT exchanges, helping users to browse the collection.

We have added the following attributes:

  • Character Set: which characters are used in the domain name (for example, letters only or digits only)?
  • Expiration Date: when does the domain expire?
  • Length: how many characters long is the domain name?


Webapp Updates

We have completed a few small updates to the web application.

  • Sort Functionality for Domains List. Users who have many domain names can now sort & filter their lists of domain names. This simplifies the process of managing domain names within the application.
  • Wallet Autoconnect & Disconnect. Previously connected wallets will now autoconnect to the application. Users can also disconnect their wallet connection.
  • Connected Wallet Identity. Connected wallets now show the user's .avax name & avatar (defaulting to a blockies avatar).


Next Steps

Our primary goal continues to be supporting partner applications & expanding use-cases for domain names. We are developing additional client SDKs & features as required by our partners.

If you are interested in partnering, please reach out.

On the technical side, we have a number of goals:

  • We intend to launch a Hosted API to support applications which need to query the entire .avax dataset, but do not wish to run a copy of our Indexer. This is at the request of integrating partners.
  • We intend to develop an ENS interface to support ENS functionality in Web3.js and ethers.js, at the request of multiple integrating partners.
  • We intend to roll out expiring domain notifications, which will be required as we approach our one-year launch anniversary.

On the branding side, we are working on a fresh look 🌿.


We'll catch up again at the end of Q1 2023!


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