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Domain Disputes

Part of the design of Avvy Domains includes supporting domain disputes. While the process for handling domain disputes has not yet been determined, we have included mechanisms for supporting domain disputes.

Registrants should be aware of the possibility of revocation & suspension of domains.


Who can revoke or suspend domains?

The main contract, the Domain NFT, has a number of Roles which can be allocated. One of those roles, the Revocation Agent, is capable of suspending or revoking domains. At the moment, no addresses have the role of Revocation Agent. However, a multisig is able to grant such a role in the future. 


Who makes decisions about domains being revoked or suspended?

At the moment there is no formal process for the powers of revocation and suspension being used.


How are decisions about revocation & suspensions made?

Again, there is currently no formal process. We intend to work on the process, while using ICANN policies as guidelines. ICANN policies place importance on whether a registration was made in good or bad faith.