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Having issues with the Avvy applications? Here are the steps for getting support:


Step 1: Open support ticket

Join the #create-support-ticket channel in our Discord server and open a ticket.


Step 2: Provide detailed information

Provide as much information as possible about the situation you are encountering, such as:

  • Your device (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet)
  • Your operating system (windows, macos, ios, android, linux, etc.)
  • Your browser (chrome, firefox, safari, etc.)
  • What you did (for example: “I clicked Connect Wallet, then selected Metamask”)
  • What you expected to happen (for example: “I thought Metamask would ask me to connect”)
  • What actually happened (for example: “Metamask did not pop up to ask me to connect”)


Step 3: Enable error tracking

Configuring error tracking can be very helpful for tracking down issues with the software. If you want the issue resolved quickly, follow the error tracking instructions.