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Transfers & NFT Exchanges

Registrations are ERC721 NFTs on the Avalanche C-Chain, which support the following standard methods:

Transfers. You can transfer the registrations in the same way you would transfer other NFTs (for example, from your wallet which holds your NFTs).

Approvals. You can approve another address to control your registration. An approved address can transfer your registration from your wallet without any action from you. Approvals can be used by NFT exchanges.


Can I list my domain on an NFT exchange?

If the NFT exchange supports the ERC721 standard & the Avalanche C-Chain, then you can list your domain on the exchange. Please follow the instructions on the exchange of your choice.


ERC721 Metadata 

NFT exchanges use ERC721 metadata to display information about NFTs, such as the title, description, and photo. We host a centralized server which provides this metadata.

If Enhanced Privacy features are enabled on your domain, we cannot provide metadata to NFT exchanges. We will instead provide generic metadata, declaring that the name is a “Hidden Name” with Enhanced Privacy enabled.